Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyday Should Be Charles Crumb Day

(Image courtesy of icamusic.com)

The Hem declares today Charles Crumb day. This great brother of an amazing artist was a true gift to the world and thus must be remembered with his own holiday. For those of you who don't know who Charles is, here's the wiki article.
A simple blog post won't do this artist justice. We propose hats and fancy banners. False teeth decorated with a Treasure Island motif will fill Charles Crumb stockings!
Never before had the world seen such a profound symbol of brutal honesty. Charles is that feeling you get right before you cry, the one where you feel kind of sick as your eyes fill with tears. Charles lived inside of his bedroom where his only company was the books that filled his humble abode. He didn't go out at all, he didn't even have to bathe anymore. The tranquilizers were trying desperately to soothe his troubled mind. The mind of a true genius. Charles only had one job, and it didn't last long. The hellish time he had with his father made deep scars in his heart.
In order to celebrate Charles Crumb day you must truly feel Charles Crumb like. First, we suggest watching the movie Crumb, but only fast forwarding to the parts where Charles makes his humble appearances or he is mentioned. Hell, you might as well watch the rest of the movie too if you have time. It's really very amazing. You can find it here.
Next, get as many books as possible from "Victorian writers" and read away. Creativity is wild in those who can take themselves to a new land.
Lastly, spend some time alone. Solitude is good for the soul. It's amazing how clear the world can become when you can hear yourself think.
Do all of these things and you will surely be praising the memory of Charles Crumb. Happy Charles Crumb Day! We love you Charles!

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