Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Can Learn Klingon Too!

Phrase: nuqneH

Pronounced: nook-neh

Meaning: Hello (What do you want?)



In Memoriam: Father Adelir Antonio de Carli a.k.a "Ballooning Priest"

Today we bow our heads in honor of a great hero. Adelir Antonio de Carli's body was found near the city of Macae yesterday. He was ballooning over the Atlantic Ocean for a charity event when he went missing on April 20th. He was suspended by 1,000 multicolored balloons (shown above). He will be missed! Catch the story here.

EarFreaked: Dean Milan

Not satisfied with the same old industrialized pop/country/hip hop/polka vomit? Does regular music make you cry tears of acid? Never fear, grab a tissue and be prepared to get EarFreaked.

Dean Milan.... where can one start? His hip beats make all the ladies' panties hit the ground level. Dean's smooth voice and sexy lyrics make him a great artist. He's hard to find, but bet that a few people could create a bitchin fan club and put Milan on the map!

For all of you Dean Milan virgins we suggest starting here with, "Do It Like a Dog" .

After you've experienced the Milan feel free to move on to his other works .

Lastly, here's a small tidbit that features Dean from 1996 and a cute picture of him standing up for what he believes in.

You Deserve Some Facts Today

  • Thomas Jefferson’s tombstone features a long list of achievements such as “signer of the declaration of independence” but it fails to mention that he was president of the united states!

  • Leatherback sea turtles have spines that point backwards in their throats so that one of their favorite foods, the jellyfish, can be swallowed more easily!

  • Bill Clinton only sent two e-mails during his presidency. One of those e-mails was to see if he was e-mailing correctly.

  • The tallest mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars which stands a staggering 15 miles tall.

  • Teddy bears always have a neutral expression on their faces. Why? So children can project their emotions on to them.

Today's research collected through: Mental Floss Fact Generator, an endless amount of bathroom readers, and a Ripley's Believe It Or Not flip calendar.

T-R-I-V-I-A.... Anyone?

Everyday we will be posting some new trivia. These questions can come from any source. Your job is to be the first to post all correct answers without cheating. The first to post all of their answers correctly becomes champion for the day (no prizes just the honor of winning). If we have no takers, the answers will be posted by tonight in the comments section. Today's trivia comes from Jeopardy! The category is ENGLISH LITERATURE. Good Luck!

1. After slaying Grendel, the title character of this epic poem becomes King of the Geats & rules for 50 years.

2. H.G. Wells subtitled this 1895 classic "An Invention".

3. It's the last name of father & son novelists Kingsley & Martin.

4. Part of this E.M. Forster novel takes place at the Pensione Bertolini in Italy.

5. If you want to check out this man's "private life", see the 17 Gerald Road home he lived in from the '30s to the '50s.

Rant Of The Week: Week One

Every Thursday the Hem gets a bit irritated with life. Rather than let that irritation build into a kitten smashing spree, we like to watch people rant their hearts out. This week's rant comes from the brilliantly intelligent comedian James Inman who tells a story about the time he was arrested for saying fuck.

What's the grade?: This rant gets a gigantic A+ for two reasons.

1) Fuck is a word that should be allowed to pass through everyone's mouth hole without punishment. Whatever happened to life, liberty, and the pursuit of fuck?
2) Inman's word choice is absolutely delicious and beautifully horrific.

So This Is It!

The first post! Let's take it all in shall we? That's right breathe. So, you've been searching around for the perfect blog to satisfy all of your desperate needs and all you can find are slightly suicidal teenage rants! Never fear internet spelunker, the Eye Hemorrhage has everything you could possibly need. Be prepared for a randomization overload. Some days you'll see trivia questions, star trek conventions, and gore galore. It all depends on the general mood of the Eye effigy we here at the Hem (that's our street name) worship. Hell, if the Eye tells us that it's typography day be prepared for the fancy assorted fonts! Also, feel free to comment your ass off dear reader. We want you to be involved as much as possible. If you have a link or a topic that you've been dying to share feel free to drop us a line. The only thing that really bugs us is when you smart asses point out our typos. We mean to do those. We are a blog of the people, not some perfume rag. Give us a break!